Whether you’re talking about a single family dwelling or an entire apartment complex, a plumbing service maintenance plan is always a good idea. The folks at AVH Plumbing want you to have a worry-free plumbing system. This type of service agreement is perfect to keep those worries away.

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You might ask yourself “what can go wrong? It is only a simple system of pipes and drains.” Well anyone in the plumbing field can tell you some plumbing nightmare stories about how things were “fine” for awhile and then the “unthinkable” happened. Plumbing maintenance is the same as any other system maintenance you can think of. If there are more than a few parts, then something may go haywire sometime.

It could be as simple as a steady leak somewhere that just causes your water bill to go up month after month. Then there’s the extreme situations where an entire home was flooded, causing thousands of dollars of damages. People usually regret not having a plumbing service agreement in place.

What does a plumbing service agreement mean?

Having an agreement with a plumbing company like ours in place means a few things:

  • You know exactly who to call when you have an issue.
  • You get priority scheduling when it comes to a plumbing emergency.
  • We schedule plumbing inspections on a periodic basis so that you won’t have to worry about things. Let us handle it!
  • We may even offer you a discount rate when on parts when you have a plumbing service maintenance agreement.