Brief info

My name is Bradley Aanderud, Owner of A.V.H. Plumbing L.L.C. I live in Inverness Florida with my wife and 3 kids, two sons and a daughter. In my 30 years of life I have wanted nothing more than to build something in my life that I could be proud of, to provide my family with the better side of life and leave my children with something they can depend on. I have not always been in construction, well not as a civilian. I worked in logistics and engineering in the Army for 9 years before breaking out into the civilian sector. Chris, the other owner, my brother, quickly convinced me that plumbing was where I wanted to plant my feet. I worked my way up through a company learning everything I could. From working residential service calls to the foreman on major commercial jobs. As Chris and I worked together over the next few years our ambition began to grow and we saw a future much brighter. We started A.V.H. Plumbing L.L.C.! Our hopes are to change the industry standard of overcharged service fees and leaving customers feeling cheated. We are a family business and want our customers to feel like part of that family.